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At The Yoga na Maré project we believe that yoga is a tool that can transform the perception and promote a culture of peace and wellbeing – both physical and mental – of those who live in Complexo da Maré.

Within an inclusive perspective, the unique yoga lessons, and also the Ayurveda massage, that are offered are adapted to the necessities and expectations of each person, as part of a therapeutic process at a physical, emotional and energetic level.


Yoga Classes

Within an inclusive perspective, unique yoga classes are held weekly, the classes hold dear the balance between mind and body and focus on the evolution and self-awareness of each student.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Other than free-of-charge yoga classes, our project also offers individual sessions of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage for our students at low cost. In an effort to facilitate therapeutic processes at physical, emotional, and energetic levels.

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) method was developed by female Indian master Kusum Modak. It is based on a set of maneuvers and deep-touch movements from traditional Indian massage with Iyengar Yoga stretches and therapeutic poses.

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Rafaela Feitosa

39 years old | Seamstress

"Since I was introduced to yoga I haven’t needed to go to the hospital to take injections for the pains that I felt in my back. I am grateful for all the transformations that yoga has brought within me, in both my body and my mind. "

Karla Rodrigues

36 years old | English Teacher

"The Yoga na Maré project was a door that connected me to all my best parts and the best parts of others. After the lessons, there is a feeling of belonging, not to a place, but to yourself. And this is very, very precious. It is powerful. Ana Olivia, through the Yoga na Maré project, brought happiness and transformation and renewed our hope to live in peace. "

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Open Yoga Classes

Yoga na Maré offers weekly classes and YAM treatment sessions, as well as, open yoga classes over the weekends both in Maré area and other parts of the city. The events are open to the public and are some kind of day trips for people who join our project.

Also, during those events, people who live in Maré can bond with residents from other neighborhoods in the city. We aim at overcoming barriers and prejudice by using yoga as a tool. Open yoga classes have served this purpose.

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Yoga and Meditation Retreats

In 2016, we hosted our first yoga and meditation retreat for 30 people at Shiva Ashram Brasil in Petrópolis Mountains. In 2017, due to project growth and strong student demand, there were 2 retreats for a total number of 45 people.

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Our Products

The project’s line of products was created as a way to both promote and finance the project. Some articles were created and produced locally, in a type of joint venture, with those involved in the project, in a way to embrace and promote the work of professionals and entrepreneurs from the community. The quality of the product is important to guarantee a way to maximize the experience and the wellbeing of those who use them.

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Instituto Yoga na Maré

Rua Santa Rita, 52 - Nova Holanda

Complexo da Maré - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil