Ana Olívia

Founder & Director

Portuguese, but far from that little country for more than 10 years, Ana Olivia has lived in Germany and in Spain, where she worked for several different non-governmental organisations working with delinquency prevention and human rights.

In 2012, she came to Rio de Janeiro to be a volunteer in a favela in the North Zone of the city, quickly finding her place to be and work. She started her journey with yoga, and a little after, felt that she should share the benefits and unite social work and this millennial discipline. As a result, she specialised in Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga at the Ying Yand School, receiving a certificate of the International Yoga Alliance, and in Hatha Yoga with the Svadhyaya School.

In 2015, Ana Olivia created the Yoga na Maré project, giving lessons weekly and coordinating all the activities and demands. Her main motivation was believing in the transformational potential of yoga and the desire to make it accessible to everyone, mainly in the area characterised by violence and by the lack of initiatives and activities that promote well-being.

In 2017, she spent three months in India, furthering her knowledge about yoga, and training to become a Yoga Ayurveda Massage Therapist, in the Kusum Modak method (Pune, India). From July of this same year, she started to give massages to the students, as a part of the therapeutic process, at a physical, emotional and energetic level.